What is "Audition wear"? How do I find a monologue?

November 2, 2018

Finding a monologue or picking an outfit for your first audition can be a scary process! Luckily, with so many different blogs and articles out there, you've got resources to help you!

A few basic tips and articles on outfits: 

-Always pick something professional. No torn clothes, nothing that doesn't fit, and no obscene logos. Depending on the atmosphere of the company or role you are auditioning for, jeans can be acceptable.

-Make sure you are comfortable in your own skin. Show a little personality in your outfit! Also make sure you are comfortable moving and performing in your outfit.

-Keep your accessories minimal.






For monologues, finding the right fit can be tough! Here are some quick tips and articles to make it easy! 

-Always pick a monologue that fits your age. A 5-10 year gap can be alright, but pick something that fits your experiences. If you have never been skiing, it's probably not the greatest fit to pick a character who's favorite activity is skiing, or vice versa. 

-Try and stay in the style of the play you are auditioning for. Think contemporary to contemporary, comedy to comedy, classical play to classical play. Even at "cattle call" auditions, contemporary works best unless explicitly stated in the audition notice. -Try and pick material from plays. Novels and short stories are great for reading, but trying to do the dialogue of one for a monologue tends to be clunky and hard to manage. There are many books, plays, and online resources available, and most local libraries have many of these for check out or on their websites. 

-Always stay within 1-2 minutes with your monologues. There are only very specific circumstances where actors will be asked for longer, and short is better. If a casting director or the casting committee wants to see more, always have another monologue or two ready!






Don't forget our workshop this weekend! Now go out and rock those auditions!!!



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What is "Audition wear"? How do I find a monologue?

November 2, 2018

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